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Hello everyone,

My name is Scar (a pseudo-name btw)

This is my first time joining this forum and I would like to observe how this online media is being utilized for the gay community in Indonesia despite the country's difficult approach upon the said social issue.

As the subject implies, I would like to know your opinions on the event of Orlando. This mass shooting broke the hearts of many as it also happened during the Pride month in June. How do you perceive such issues and what do you think of the shooter and all of the controversies revolving around him?


If you would like more information on the case (if you did not read the news or lived in a cave, lol jk) I will be more than happy to provide for you as this discussion goes.

Your feedback will be very significant to reflect the thoughts of the gay community in Indonesia.
Thank you very much :)


S.Y. :P

PostDipost: Rab Jun 29, 2016 9:42 pm 
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This news actually piqued many attention towards it (for LGBT community mainly). From my point of view, I can understand why the shooter would do that. He had been surrounded by anger and the madness drove him crazy. All because of the HIV thing, but still, that's not quite logical and reasonable to do stupid massacre on the gay club where you met that guy. I mean, seriously? That's the risk that he had to consider when he agreed on having s3x with someone, especially when you met him on a night club. Not to blame it on others.
This case, I think, could be reduced by trying to educate people more about s3x education and LGBT itself. It's promptly important to teach people about having safe s3x (I know in that case the condom broke, but still.), while educating people more about LGBT and knowing that it is NOT harmful for the society (that is if we could erase the stereotype) would make LGBT people themselves gain more freedom. It could make it easier for them to find other LGBT people, to hook up with someone. Not just randomly picking up strangers on a night club and risking all things that he has.

Well, that's merely a shallow thinking of mine regarding this case. It's truly sad to have that many innocent people murdered, not knowing what they did wrong. Let's just hope that it won't happen again in the near future (or forever) and wish the best for us LGBT people. May the families that have been left behind are strong enough to fight through this.

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Virgin & Newbie
Virgin & Newbie
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I've actually debated this with my friend. Mainly about whether or not omar mateen (the shooter) purposely chose a gay nightclub as his target. As far as I knew at that time, his only motive was to attack USA because of their role against the so-called Islamic State. So his target was likely americans in general, not gays. However after we debated, me and my friend concluded that it cant be a coincidence, and omar choosing a gay nightclub as his target was indeed intentional. My friend also said that published interviews with omar's family showed that omar was homophobic, so I guess that was evidence enough.

What's sad though, is that one of my friend actually supported omar's actions, saying that the same kind of shooting should happen in indo too (i know, what an asshole). But at least this shooting raised more awareness and sympathy towards gay people (and latinos, considering most victims were latinos). Besides that, people started to realise how easy it is for the so-called Islamic State to recruit people from around the world and ordering them to shoot civilians. Hopefully no more accidents like that happen again, not just for gay people, but for every innocent civilian.

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